What Are Integrated Security Systems?

Security has always been a concern for mankind, whilst we no longer have to deal with the threat of sabre tooth tigers and wooly mammoths, we still face many modern threats that need to be resolved. Whether it’s theft, fire or any of the other numerous options, security is a booming business for specialist companies as they seek to calm our fears. These days, more and more people and companies are investing in Integrated Security Systems as they look to keep their homes, families and businesses secure.The chances are that whether your security needs are fire, CCTV, intercom, keyless entry or intruder based, you will have some form of security system either at work or at home giving you at least a layman’s understanding of some of the potential complexities involved. Many firms now focus their primary efforts on Integrated Security Systems which take all your security systems and ensure that they communicate with each other and work in tandem. This approach (once implemented) saves money and cuts out potential problems which may have traditionally occurred when running different systems simultaneously.

The options offered today range from simple CCTV solutions for an office to complete security packages for entire University campuses and prisons. Intercom systems that run through the entire site, various types of locking systems, extensive CCTV and intruder alert options and high-tech control rooms are all available if you require them (and can afford it).But why should you integrate? Integrated Security Systems are about designing and delivering a system that allows you to manage the environment you’re in and protect your people and assets. Integration may be required if companies merge and only one system is now needed due to a number of former control rooms being moved into one room, ensuring the previous systems are compatible and/or up to date. As mentioned earlier, by integrating your systems, your company can save money by customising the security system for your needs, paying only for what you want and cutting out fancy, unessential offerings. Why pay for keyless entry if you rent office space and the building is already secure?When designing an Integrated security systems that meets not only the customer’s expectations and requirements, it’s important to reduce current and future risk. Therefore, a complete and thorough risk assessment should be done to give the security firm a clear indication of the threats and vulnerabilities that are in play (or may be in the future).

An Integrated Security System should be a complete system that fulfills all your needs, protecting and monitoring everything you want it to in an efficient way whilst giving you the peace of mind that you, your people and assets are protected. Living and working in a safe and secure environment results in a happier and more effective workforce enabling business owners to maximise their staff output and generate more revenue. It really is common sense to protect what you consider most important.